Let’s Matcha

We are a friendly provider of wholesale organic matcha green tea powder in Canada. Sourcing all of our organic matcha directly from Japan and selling it online to Canadians – we deliver from Vancouver, British Columbia and Toronto, Ontario to help get the finest and purest matcha in the world to you directly. Matcha has been growing rapidly in popularity over the years as many have transitioned from coffee for health benefits. Matcha is also not just for drinking – it used to makes tons of delicious good including ice cream and cookies! Let’s Matcha delivers high grade matcha powder for any lifestyle. No matter who you are, even you can make the switch from coffee to matcha. 

We provide affordable, and quality matcha tea to Canadians everywhere. We offer free shipping with no minimum purchase. And you can feel good when order from us because every purchase of matcha from us assists three area of international tea production: monitoring and certification, produced support, and strategic sustainability. We proud to partner with the Ethical Tea partnership, which is a program focused on alleviating hunger and poverty in third world countries. Our company was founded by Brock Shillington and Eric Brinkman . Not too long ago, two guys made a small lifestyle change which had amazing benefits. With a little bit of discovery, they began to realize that including matcha into their lifestyle had amazing benefits.

Along with the social difference that come hand in hand, they realised there was something more to this powder. Let’s Matcha is Brock Shillington and Eric Brinkman’s way of sharing the perks they’ve gained from the matcha experience. Whether you bring Matcha to work, to yoga, hiking, or keep it at home. It’s for everyone, so even you can matcha. Challenge the day in a new way and join our Matcha army. At the end of the day, all that matters is, you can even. Visit our site at https://letsmatcha.com/ and check us out on Facebook and join our Matcha Lover’s Club – https://www.facebook.com/letsmatchanow/.

Contact Us:

Let’s Matcha
Address: 420 Union, Vancouver, Ontario V6A 2B6, Canada
Phone: ‪(778) 686-1073
Email: letsmatcha@gmail.com
Website: https://letsmatcha.com/

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